Promoting zero waste near you

Zero Waste Paris is a non-profit association promoting zero waste in Paris and the surrounding region.

What is zero waste?

Zero waste is a positive and progressive approach to limiting our impact on the environment and to reducing the amount of waste that we produce. Zero waste is good for our health, our wallets and for the planet!

What we do

Raising awareness about zero waste

Zero Waste Paris raises awareness in schools, among the general public, with shops and businesses.

Helping to make a real difference in the amount we waste

We support both public and private organisations to put in place actions that reduce waste.

Local Advocacy

Zero Waste Paris promotes the zero waste approach to local politicians and decision-makers.

Volunteer with us!

Zero Waste Paris has more than 250 members and
dozens of volunteers working every month
to promote zero waste. There’s a place for everyone!

About twenty volunteers posing for a group shot.

Other organisations that we ❤️

They are working on zero waste in Paris and Ile-de-France with us.

Réseau Consigne IDF.

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